26 FebTips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

In present communication world, public speaking skills are very important and valuable both in your career life as well as personal life. Though, you regularly don’t engage in the public speaking, developing speaking skills will enhance your confidence and also it will decrease anxiety about the situations in which you may be called upon to speak or express yourself in public. Even those people who feel very shy to speak in public, right from childhood, can become confident speakers, with speaking skill development programme. Below are some key skills held by good public speakers.

Stage Presence

Good public speakers have to be energetic, enthusiastic, friendly and confident. Confidence while speaking mainly comes from choosing a topic you like to speak and researching it well. Whereas, friendliness can be conveyed in your speech simply by smiling at your audience. Energy and Enthusiasm will automatically follow you while you enjoy your topic and when you are well prepared. If you feel that your stage presence and effectiveness is lacking, then you can view few clips of the speakers whom you admire and try to imitate their style. Mainly act confident until you feel confident.

Preparation is the key

Spend more time by keeping your speech together so that it flows logically and it is made more attractive with examples and stories. You can also use props, such as GIF’s and images to make it more attractive. For motivation, try watching any other great, yet relatable, speakers videos. You can even read the transcripts to know about how they had crafted their speeches. When it is all done, then practice your speech until you can give it comfortably and confidentially.

Voice Control

Your voice is one of the main tools you would use as a public speaker to make your speech attractive. Enhance the quality of your voice through diaphragmatic breathing that is breathing from your diaphragm instead from your chest as its the way, the professional singers breathe. This type of breathing is what makes the singer voices sound superb and enables them to hold their notes for long time.

Best tip to implement this diaphragmatic breathing is to just lie down on the ground and place one of your hands on your abdomen. In this position, as you breath, just try to make your stomach rise. Then starting counting to 10 as you inhale and fill your stomach, and again start counting to 10 again as you exhale. Try to remember to breath from your diaphragm as you speak in public.

Body Language

Consider your body language and also the message that it conveys. Try to practice the speech as many times possible by standing with a relaxed upright posture. While practicing keep your hands at your sides or let them clasped in front of you, unless you are making a gesture to emphasize any point. Also be aware of your facial expressions as they have to be same as the message you are delivering. If you are giving any enthusiastic speech, then try to have a joyful and a relaxed look on the face.